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Don’t miss the 22nd Coface Country Risk Conference

Palais des Congrès - Paris

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The Coface Country Risk conference is a yearly event focusing on the evolution of country risk throughout world. Its ambition is to help those involved in international trade – whether they are CEOs, commercial directors or credit managers – to define an efficient business development or investment strategy and to take informed decisions regarding risk in their home country or abroad.
On 23 January 2018, join a unique mix of French and international specialists from business, finance and economic research to discuss global economic trends and issues facing the world economy in 2018:
  • Western Europe: will political risk diminish or increase in 2018?
  • Should we be afraid of the Silk Road and is this China's way of asserting its leadership?
  • Financial markets: what are the risks the bubble will burst?
  • Can digitization counter economic stagnation - is it a growth opportunity or source of risk for companies?

Learn more about risk in advanced and emerging economies from Coface's Chief Economist, Julien Marcilly